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The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit (PRVCU) is an initiative of the private non-profit organization the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust. The PRVCU was established to leverage Puerto Rico’s capacity to control the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector for the diseases zika, chikungunya, and dengue in Puerto Rico.

The PRVCU focuses on strengthening the capacity for vector control in Puerto Rico as well as implementing vector surveillance, creating innovative information systems, carrying out vector control operations, and boosting community engagement through citizen mobilization and education programs.

Our Vision

Striving together for a Puerto Rico free from mosquito-borne disease.

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect the people of Puerto Rico from the Aedes aegypti mosquito, while educating and empowering everyone to dramatically and sustainably reduce mosquito populations across Puerto Rico.

Integrated Vector Management

The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit is developing an integrated vector management (IVM) strategy, combining vector surveillance and monitoring, vector control operations, and island-wide community engagement, education and mobilization programs, all of which will be implemented in partnership with other agencies (government and non-government) and communities across the island of Puerto Rico. Our program is defined by the effective integration of technology platforms.

The PRVCU’s programs include:

Monitoring & Surveillance

Community Mobilization

Vector Control

Our Team

Senior Administration Team

Lucy Crespo
Principal Investigator
CEO of the Puerto Rico Science Trust

Angi Harris, PhD
Technical Director

Marianyoly Ortiz, PhD
Associate Director

Gilberto Márquez
Finance Director

Eddie Varela Rosario
Procurement Officer

Platform, Technology & Design Team

César Piovanetti Fiol
IT Architect & Spatial Platforms Engineer

Michael Jiménez
Information Technology and GIS Specialist

Xavier Ocasio Santiago
Lead Designer/Communications Associate

Community Mobilization Team

Gladys Rivera, MPA
Director, Community Mobilization Division

Julieanne Miranda-Bermúdez, DrPHc, MS
Senior Community Mobilization Specialist

Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez, PhD
Community Education Specialist

Gabriela Algarín Zayas
Community Mobilization Specialist

Angela I. Pérez
Community Mobilization Specialist

Liliana Quintana
Community Educator

Rafael Saavedra
Community Educator

Adriana Romero
Public Health Associate

Field Team

Hipólito O’ Farrill-Nieves, PhD
Vector Control Specialist- Entomologist

José C. Sánchez
Field Supervisor

Fernando L. González Delgado
Field Surveillance Technician

Julián A. Rodríguez
Field Surveillance Technician

Victor Ramírez
Field Surveillance Technician

Nexiliane Borrero
Field Surveillance Technician

Mae Lynn Acobis
Field Surveillance Technician

Luis Pérez
Field Surveillance Technician

Edgar Delgado
Field Surveillance Technician

Edwin Otero
Field Surveillance Technician

Laboratory Team

Nicole Nazario
Laboratory Supervisor

Marla García
Laboratory Technician

Christian Sánchez
Laboratory Technician

Mark Concepción
Laboratory Technician

Santos Rodríguez
Laboratory Technician


The PRVCU has an onsite laboratory for mosquito identification and insecticide resistance testing.

Antigua Penitenciaria Estatal
105 Carr. # 21, Bo. Monacillos,
Río Piedras, Puerto Rico 00927


Learn about Aedes aegypti and how to protect yourself.

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