Community Educator

Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Job type: Full-time
Reports to: Community Mobilization Director 

Position Overview 

The Community Educator is an exciting position in the Puerto Rico Control Vector Unit (PRVCU) designed to teach and educate students and communities, develop educational materials, and develop and implement new programs for inspiring and empowering the Puerto Rican public to play a direct and meaningful role in combating the mosquito that spreads Zika, dengue, and other diseases.  The Community Educator will be working at different locations and schools. Such work shall be conducted in accordance with PRVCU work ethics and standards. 

Key Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Planning, preparing, and delivering mosquito/vector control lessons to students in the classroom; 
  • Assist in the development of educational material content; 
  • Planning, preparing, and delivering mosquito/vector control informational booths and talks; 
  • Adopting and working towards the implementation of the PRVCU development plan; 
  • Assessing, recording, and reporting on the development, progress, attainment and behavior of students; 
  • Maintaining good order and discipline amongst students and participants; 
  • Ensuring the safe custody and optimum use of equipment normally used by oneself during lessons and sees to its regular servicing and maintenance; 
  • Assist in community and outreach activities if necessary. 

Since our organization is going to change to meet the needs of public health, environmental conservation and the PRVCU, you can expect, anticipate and assume that your job description will change to meet these challenges. 

Education, Training and Experiences: 

  • Preferred Bachelor degree in Education, Public Health Education, Biology, or related field 
  • Preferred knowledge of education and pedagogical strategies.  
  • Fully bilingual Spanish/English.  
  • Ability to work independently. 
  • Must be able to follow instructions exactly. 
  • Some analytical ability required in order to gather and interpret data in different situations. 
  • Experience with Microsoft Office. 
  • Ability to receive and act upon input from Supervisor. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other PRVCU employees. 
  • Ability to interact with general public and with personnel of Federal, State and local government agencies, and industry. 
  • Must hold valid Puerto Rico driver’s license. 

Please send resume to [email protected]. Please include contact information, indicate whether or not you speak Spanish and English fluently, and are available to start within two to three weeks of being notified.

Overview of the organization

The Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust is a private non-profit organization created in 2004 to encourage and promote innovation, transfer and commercialization of technology and creation of jobs in the technology sector. We are responsible for Puerto Rico’s public policy for science, technology, research and development. The Trust’s mission is to invest, facilitate and build capacity to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-driven enterprises, science and technology and its industrial base. Our vision is that by 2022, Puerto Rico is a globally recognized innovation hub that develops, attracts, and retains scientists, technology entrepreneurs, and enterprises to unlock world class creativity and competitiveness

The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit (PRVCU) main responsibilities is to develop, lead, and deploy an effective integrated vector management (IVM) strategy to reduce the Aedes aegypti population and the burden of Zika, chikungunya, and dengue. PRVCU will carry out vector surveillance, community engagement and IVM for effective mosquito control.