Job Title: Quality Assurance Specialist

Reports To: Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit (PRVCU) Executive or Associate Director

Location/ Hours: San Juan, Puerto Rico – Full -Time position


The QA Specialist is a position responsible for monitoring, inspecting, and proposing measures to correct or improve PRVCU processes, materials, and equipment in order to meet established quality standards. The main purpose of this position is to ensure accuracy in the scientific data collection and reporting process.  Since this is a new position within PRVCU, the employee will have the task to develop the necessary standards and procedures to implement a Quality Assurance Program for PRVCU.

This position supports the PRVCU mission of inspiring and empowering the Puerto Rican public to play a direct and meaningful role in combating the mosquito that spreads Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and other diseases.

The position will support the development of the PRVCU field and laboratory programs and procedures, and other initiatives to help impact vector-specific surveillance and control in Puerto Rico. This position will report to the PRVCU primary location in San Juan and will work all around the Island, as necessary.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Lead the development of quality assurance policies and procedures.
  2. Revise operational protocols and ensure they include all necessary steps and procedures to ensure the quality of operations. Develop new protocols if necessary.
  3. Perform routine inspections on all PRVCU activities with a special focus on vector surveillance (trap deployment and maintenance, quality of materials, clean-up protocols, etc.) and control protocols (preparation of materials and equipment, the expiration date of products, optimal conditions for interventions, etc.).
  4. Conduct quality tests on materials and equipment used routinely for vector surveillance and control.
  5. Establish quality standards to determine when materials and equipment need to be improved or replaced.
  6. Identify and provide reports that include recommendations to resolve workflow issues, equipment malfunctions, and operations deficiencies.
  7. Address and discuss issues and proposed solutions with superiors.
  8. Document quality assurance activities and create audit reports.
  9. Create training materials and operating manuals.
  10. Ensure that established technical standards and protocols are observed.
  11. Develop forms and other tools to ensure the protocols are followed and standards are met.
  12. Conduct environmental and other internal assessment studies.
  13. Participate in training and other professional development opportunities as required.Provide support to the other PRVCU activities, as needed.

Since our organization is going to change to meet the needs of public health, environmental conservation, and the PRVCU, you can expect, anticipate, and assume that your job description will change to meet these challenges.

Qualifications & Technical Job Requirements:

  1. A strong work ethic, ability to maintain and model high personal, ethical, and professional standards, as well as an outgoing and positive personality.
  2. Attention to detail and ability to follow guidelines and protocols exactly.
  3. Strong communication skills in English and Spanish. Able to develop protocols, reports, and guidelines with minimum revisions.
  4. Preferred knowledge of equipment used for sampling adult and larval vector populations.
  5. Capacity to implement new strategies to ensure standards are met.
  6. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision.
  7. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work effectively as part of a team in a dynamic environment.
  8. Must hold valid Puerto Rico driver’s license.
  9. Must be able to work outside regular business hours; must be able to travel regularly throughout the island, as needed.

Experience & Educational Requirement:

  • At least one (1)  year of hands-on experience with quality assurance with scientific data.
  • Previous experience with vector control or other biological survey programs preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in biology, chemistry, or related field preferred. Degrees related to public health or business administration will also be considered.
  • Proficient in the use of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. Please include contact information, indicate whether you speak Spanish and English fluently, and are available to start within one to three weeks of being notified.

Overview of the organization

The Puerto Rico Science Technology and Research Trust is a private non-profit organization created in 2004 to encourage and promote innovation, transfer and commercialization of technology and creation of jobs in the technology sector. We are responsible for Puerto Rico’s public policy for science, technology, research and development. The Trust’s mission is to invest, facilitate and build capacity to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-driven enterprises, science and technology and its industrial base. Our vision is that by 2022, Puerto Rico is a globally recognized innovation hub that develops, attracts, and retains scientists, technology entrepreneurs, and enterprises to unlock world class creativity and competitiveness

The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit (PRVCU) main responsibilities is to develop, lead, and deploy an effective integrated vector management (IVM) strategy to reduce the Aedes aegypti population and the burden of Zika, chikungunya, and dengue. PRVCU will carry out vector surveillance, community engagement and IVM for effective mosquito control.